Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery : Is It Good for Health?

Sleeve weight loss surgery is also called vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It is one of weight loss surgeries for losing the weight in effective way. This surgery actually is the first procedure of bilio-pancreatic diversion surgery with duodenal switch. Yet, sleeve gastrectomy surgery will make the stomach looks like a tube or a banana. This tube/ banana then limit the number of calories entering your body. Unlike duodenal switch and gastric bypass, sleeve weight loss surgery doesn’t re-arrange the patient’s digestive system. The experts claim that this type of surgery is safer because it is lower serious complications. Fewer malabsorption and faster recovery are other benefits of sleeve weight loss surgery.

Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery Is It Good for Health

For the patient whose IMB over 50, sleeve weight loss surgery is used as the first step of losing the weight before continuing further complicated surgery, such as duodenal switch or gastric bypass. Sleeve weight loss surgery is allowed to be performed for patients from 12 to 79 years-old. As independent procedure, sleeve weight loss surgery becomes the best choice. There are some reasons why this surgery has been popular and best alternative. One of the reasons is it’s cheaper than other bariatric surgery types. Another reason is it fewer health complications. The last reason is it is so useful for patients with serious health problems, specifically the health problems connected to obesity. Additionally, for the patient who is on anticoagulation treatment, sleeve weight loss surgery is better than gastric bypass because gastric sleeve surgery is safer from the risk of marginal ulcers.

Gastric sleeve surgery is also claimed as simple and safe surgical procedure because this surgery does not re-arrange digestive system. This is obviously different to other gastric surgery (gastric bypass, duodenal switch, and mini gastric bypass). It also lets the patient restricts on eating by in nature. The restriction works by making the patient feels full faster. And the most important think you must know is that gastric sleeve surgery does not use foreign object that is implanted inside the body.

As the effect, sleeve weight loss surgery results fewer complications. The complications include:

  • Fewer risk of malnutrition and vitamin deficiency
  • Avoid dumping syndrome
  • Fewer risk of long term GERD

Removing the part of stomach also affects the hormone production (hormone that triggers the appetite). Less hormone produced helps to reduce the appetite naturally. Finally, a gastric sleeve surgery becomes the second alternative if the gastric band surgery does not work. For you who are interested in having this surgery, please review these two negative sides of sleeve weight loss surgery:

  • The surgery has the potency of bleeding and line risk risks. This happens due to a new stomach shape. The shape creates long staple line in which this long staple line can leak.
  • Different to gastric band surgery, surgical gastric sleeve is irreversible. Once the stomach is shrunk, it can’t be changed back.

Then, what we should do if there is something wrong with our stomach that has gastric sleeve surgery? There are three possibilities of recovery:

  • Full recovery surgery. This recovery takes three weeks of medication.
  • Patients can do normal activities after two weeks of recovery
  • Hospital stay within 2 days to get optimal recovery

So, the question ‘is sleeve weight loss surgery is safe?’ can be answered. Compared to gastric bypass and gastric banding surgeries, gastric sleeve surgery is safer and simpler because it does not involve re-connecting or re-routing the intestines. There is also no device or anything else implanted inside the stomach. To make sure whether it is really safe or not for your body, it is much better if you consult first to bariatriciant. Briatriciant will inform you how the operation will be performed and other important things related to sleeve weight loss surgery.

Bariatriciant also will determine whether you meet the requirements of having gastric sleeve operation or not by investigating you with some questions. It is not recommended for you whose anemia to have gastric sleeve surgery or gastric banding because it can prevent the doctor to not perform other weight loss surgery. Be sure that you are in good health condition before applying yourself to be a patient of gastric sleeve surgery.