Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight Loss: An Effective Surgical Method to Lose Weight Instantly

Overweight seems to be one of health matters in the world. Based on the most recent data, there are a lot of overweight people who are potentially suffering health complications due to their overweight. Many solutions are applied for losing the weight, starting from healthy way to extreme diet. Yet, most overweight patients want to have ideal weight in instant way. As the result, the extreme diets have been done for pursuing a normal or ideal weight. Even though, most of extreme diets are dangerous for health.

Today, there is a new method of losing the weight without worrying the dangerous side effects may come. This method includes medical treatment in which the patient with overweight body will be recommended to have small surgical treatment. This method is called sleeve gastrectomy weight loss. The patients who are so interesting in having this surgery want to know how much the weight will lose. The experts say that the result is different for each individual. The patients actually can calculate how much weight they expect to lose. And now we invite you to calculate the weight loss if you use the method of sleeve gastrectomy weight loss.


The weight loss calculating

Before we’re talking about sleeve gastrectomy weight loss in more details, we want to inform first about the factors affecting the amount of weight loss. There are several factors that will affect amount of weight. These factors are lifestyle, diet, exercise, and commitment to change bad habits. That will be different if you have sleeve surgery as your choice of your weight loss method. People who have done healthy diet and exercise regularly, they lose less than 40% of their excess weight. And now compare with this one. People will lose 60% of their excess weight only with sleeve gastrectomy weight loss. That’s so amazing, right? This result can be reached if you change your bad habits, follow the guidelines, start healthy habits. Even, you can expect more than 60% of excess weight if you regularly do the exercise.

Calculating the average weight loss with sleeve gastrectomy weight loss

Before making calculation, let’s see the average weight loss based on the guidelines of sleeve gastrectomy weight loss. As each individual has different weight and height (these two things become the main elements to calculate the body mass index), we can’t use the pounds alone to calculate the expected weight loss. After getting the mass index, then you will start to have a surgery to get rid of the overweight. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is most often recommended one to help losing the weight. This surgical process is done by creating a vertical tube (or medical experts call it ‘banana size’) inside of patient’s stomach. This new shape will help you to limit the foods you eat. You will be easier to feel full after consuming small portion of foods.

Are you so curious about this surgery? Let’s check this description out. Before the surgeon begins to treat your stomach, you will get general anesthesia, first. The anesthesia will make you asleep and free you from the pain during surgery. A tiny camera will be placed on your belly to help the surgeons seeing the inside of your abdomen. Such type of surgery is often called laparoscopy because the camera used is called laparoscope.

The process of vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery is as follows:

  • The surgeons will make 2-5 cm small-cut in your belly
  • The surgeons will insert laparoscope and other instruments inside your belly
  • The camera, then, is connected to a monitor placed in an operating room. Through this monitor, the surgeons will do the operation by only seeing the monitor
  • The surgeons will create another new small cut in your belly (a new opening), where tiny surgical instruments can be inserted through this opening.
  • After removing some portions of your stomach, the surgeons then will join remaining portions together by using surgical staples. This treatment creates a long tube in vertical position (or banana-shaped stomach)

Sleeve gastrectomy weight loss is safe and just less side effects you may get, such as the risk of gallstones. That’s why, most patients who have this surgery are recommended to have cholecystectomy (a surgery to remove gallbladder). Vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery doesn’t cut or change the sphincter muscles. Moreover, this surgery lets the foods to enter or to leave your stomach.